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whaddya know... - bug labs modular device

more modular.

camera / led module 10g (panasonic, canon)

wireless module 5g (cisco, nokia)

~ ||

usb 2.0 host bus / rails

main memory / cpu / display 70g (hp, sun, apple, microsoft)

usb 2.0 host bus / rails

~ ||

recording module 5g (roland, fujitsu)

flash storage module 10g (samsung, sandisk)

battery module 20g (sony, hengyu)

extended storage module 45g (hitachi)

extended battery module 45g (ballard, lund)

gps module 10g (garmin, asus)

keyboard 10g (lenovo, apple)

modules on top

~ ||

[ device ] -- modules on back

~ ||

modules on bottom

~ || charger


module traders


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