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[edit] Why I Recommend Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking is one of the habits most people find hard to stop. I myself am a smoker and I really want to quit, but every time I start to stop I'll just end up in the beginning. We all know that smoking is very unhealthy but still there are a lot of people who are into it. If you want to prevent lung cancer or to live a longer life, but don't want to quit smoking, try this electronic cigarette. This is the ultimate solution for smokers who value their lives and the people around them. Compared to other cigarettes, this electronic cigarette can be smoked anywhere because it does not contain any tobacco nor tar. This cigarette will not be dangerous to you or to others because it does not produce carbon monoxide which is harmful to health and environment. This has a vapor like smoke that taste like the real thing.

This electronic cigarettes is non flammable that uses state of the art technology that brings a real satisfying taste to the users without the tobacco, and especially the risk of getting cancer. The advantage of smoking this electronic cigarette is that it's tar free and does not possess those hundreds of carcinogenic substance and chemicals that regular cigarettes produces.

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