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cannot model anything nothing like agile



considerable angst about OO, arguments against it seem defensive.

"Drupal has gotten a long way without using objects"

"Can't fix OO framework" - can hack procedural

resolve with tricks like interception / aspect - end up with drupal

"for the first time" design specification for drupal 7, implement in drupal 8

29:00 - building scaffolding on arrays

34:00 "drop from OO to drupal is small" ... uh.. is Drupal chx? very discouraging comments exclusively, overly defensive. it's just another developed approach.

36:00 take parts and make them OO

43:50 hidding backend changes

provides a lot of support for objects, with regard for areas oo doesn't provide answers (eg menus)

seems more a matter of "when."

a) OOP is only so natural for those who goes through CS courses.

there's a reason to use OO - larger scale systems

overdone - basic concepts are logical and easier to learn than made-up ways.

b) OOP is more rigid. If you fuck up there is no way out

workalikes for db abstraction, NIH

type hinting

OO - develop concrete idea of model and services. drupal - not.

attitude "assume caller is intelligent" - changing code, late nights. no way to design something. why wouldnt you make it totally robust?

Views/Panels already use OO classes.

Core doesn't.

Provide an OO discovery method so classes can support unit-tested OO classses

Not a conversion.

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