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OCZ2P8002GK (4 X 1 GB DDR2-800)

NSK-2400 case


Samsung 250BW


First 250BW was defective - no display at all. Canada Computers swapped it no problem.

Samsung's motto - "imagine infinity."

(not very impressed with the display now that its working, text doesn't look great, backlight is uneven, and seems hard to get good colours. it is nice and trim though, and the stand is very flexible, but reviews made it sound better. Should have purchased it at a shop with a return policy.)


Could not get the PC to boot on the first few tries. Finally came up randomly, with message that BIOS settings were wrong. Set up BIOS and booted up ok, but noticed (via fans) power would come on, shut down, them come on, on power button press. (it turns out this is an intentional behavior of this board on first power up, but still saw flickering around the power LED. not sure if that would show up in a fluorescent work area like Canada Computers').

Updated BIOS to P5BVM606 per suggestions it might fix the problem, BIOS update went ok.

Back to square one, won't boot now. Have reset CMOS, etc.

Light around power button also flickers.

Suspect defective or inadequate power supply (case came with 380W, board suggests 400W, but this goes beyond 20W of deficiency).

Antec's motto - "The power of you."

Sunday - Dropped it off at Canada Computers for repairs. Usual attitude from the tech guys, they're trying to find some way to blame it on me. Tried to get rid of me by blaming it on the RAM (which they sold me), but considering the extent of problems that seems unlikely. Comedy of errors. They tried the wrong screwdriver to get the HDD out, screw was stripped, now it's stuck. They don't have any tools (a drill, hacksaw) to work around this.

Now they say it will take 6 - 7 days to repair (and only $60 flat rate, but we'll see). The whole time I was there, people were having problems. One guy was waiting for his PC after a *month*. He was practically crying.

Monday - stopped by Canada Computers to get my HDD, with a hacksaw and two Starbucks gift certificates. They had already looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong. Maybe they got lucky with booting. Will leave it there for a week for memory testing.

Also turns out this board may not support 4 GB properly, am hoping for some clarification.

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