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So many options yields confusion...


PASM is where the fun really is. Programmed Auto really does a nice job and is what we used for most of our party shots. Aperture Priority let us use the joystick to force that lens to f/2.0 and get some great shallow depth-of-field shots. Shutter Priority lets you set the shutter speed to freeze or blur a moving subject. And Manual mode gives you complete control of the camera, very handy with an external flash that is not dedicated.

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But the most helpful feature for my street shooting is the distance display that appears in manual focus mode - it displays a yellow bar that shrinks or grows with the depth of field. This is a fantastic way to visualize your hyperfocal distance at a glance, and it takes into account aperture and zoom level.

Why doesn't digital zoom (at least) work in video mode?

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