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Jump to: navigation, search - javascript hyperbolic browser - park of wikimedia toolserver, which is gone? - another good choice, java basis with javascript top layer, focused on comet. - thoughtful piece on "cost savings" when switching to / from linux / windows.. "Ah yes, the good old apples and oranges. I mean, c'mon. Redhat 4.0? According to Wikipedia: "4.0 (Colgate), October 3, 1996 (Linux 2.0.18) - first release supporting SPARC". Does it tell you anything? Ok, how about this: it was released before Windows 98." - free the facts nice presentation on scientific foundations and access information - Summary of January 13, 2009 CRTC Filings by Major ISPs in Response to Interrogatory PN 2008‐19 - open source astronomy viewer - info on open street maps


Dec 11, 2008 there's got to be a better way - !!!!!!!!!!! - Web Browser Programming Blurring the Lines of MVC - another neato java framework - java based javascript framework - with a very cool real time collaborative editor module - hadoop - map reduce for all those big projects - when to use sql or map reduce - I did not know Costco sells tablet PCs. Probably one of the only stores left in Canada that does. - really nice disk use visualizer. - great task oriented software with new browser integration, too bad it is not free in its full incarnation. - just something else I'd like to hack on. - nice piece on walking - Book: Clean Code- A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship - Economic crisis of 2008 (- ?) explainer To Organize Programming Stuff literate programs. nice idea. - someone's idea of an open "cloud" - good? article on what digital format to use - nice graphs on real estate, resources, etc Ombudsman blasts ‘zones of immunity' (MATTHEW CAMPBELL) - TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty's office quickly rebuffed a demand today by André Marin, Ontario's ombudsman, that his mandate be expanded to include investigating hospitals, public educational institutions, and city councils. - Nice! Java open source project management software

June 1 - A fair summary of php, though it doesn't really mention it's extant dog's breakfast origins. - interesting analysis of a failed IT project

May 20, help I don't know what to do with all this interesting stuff.,M1 - To read Dead software - Shared mixed tapes - hmmmm - on diverse vs brute - this is just neat - for a nicer world

older stuffs - movino - open software streaming from mobile to server. but scattered and poorly supported. - nice summary of design patterns. - java collections and concurrency - cool dude - just to remind. - when I get the time - just handy - this guy is supposed to be cool - DNA seen through the eyes of a coder - sharedrecords - share or store encrypted files - use graphical qcodes as keys - 'a reusable non-linear personal web notebook' - sophisticated client or server side js based wiki - save tiddlywiki data on sharedrecords - using behavior rather than algorithms in computers for better reliability - java based mediawiki emulator - Sparklines are "intense, simple, wordlike graphics." They are detailed in Edward Tufte's latest book, Beautiful Evidence and also in his message board. - "MUST READ FOR ANYONE IN A DEVELOPED COUNTRY!" - High Performance Web Sites (discussion/review) - Designing Software With Privacy in Mind - Best Way To Teach Oneself Math? - a series on design

Work some work related stuff to organize - this needs a gridbag

selenium cross language testing

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