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==About us==
''Hello. We’re Eureka!...
We have something to tell you. Eureka! was founded in 2008 by David Mason and Carlos Rizo. Eureka! created a little piece of software that helps spreading ideas around the world easy and fun. With Eureka! you can keep track of your ideas or share them with anyone, anywhere.
Eureka! is available in 2 languages, English and Spanish.
==How does it work?==
Imagine if you could make a call to a google document, a personal blog or your wiki and dictate an idea that just occurred to you. Now imagine you could either keep this idea, organize this and other ideas or even sell it for a small fee, say 0.99 cents. All your ideas are transcribed and meta tagged and can be used either by you or by other people that found them useful. Your ideas to you are free but those using your ideas will pay a small amount, say 9.99 which is deposited into an account to buy more ideas. Now you can do this, and more, from your gPhone and Eureka!. You could browse metatags looking for ideas to solve a pre-defined a problem or a dilemma you have. People can rate your ideas and those from based on their originality and help-ability to solve problems. Think of Eureka! as a repository of thoughts and solutions, a mobile wisdom application.
Other uses
You could train Eureka! to ask you questions in your own voice. Also an intelligent systems can distill the information of the ideas you have proposed and map your needs, automatically.
==Executive team==
===David Mason===
David, a software developer and technical expert, has a long-term involvement in innovative online services and the Internet, including prototyping, design and programming, as well as involvement in broader issues of implementation. Where possible, David uses and endorses Free and Open Source Software.
===Carlos Rizo===
Carlos, a physician, researcher, entrepreneur and patient, has devoted his life to understanding and finding ways to improving the patient-health professional relationship. Carlos has academic and business expertise in eHealth, Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0 issues, development of telehealth and telemedicine applications, implementation of virtual clinics and remote consultation and patient monitoring, and virtual support systems, patient education, patient advocacy, and economics.
==Tags and meta tags==
*Mobile, cell phone, cellphone, celular phone
*Knowledge capture, information input
*Knowledge definition, classification, definition, tagging, metatagging, priority lists,
*Collaboration, sharing, apomediation, participation, collaborative work,
*gPhone, devices, Android
*idea, knowledge, information, data
*voice to text, voip to text
*permissive privacy

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