Canal Lake - Oct 2006

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The cottage -


[edit] Days

[edit] Saturday

[edit] Dinner

Cheese Fondue - Andree

Late-night dessert - Rebecca & James

[edit] Sunday

[edit] Breakfast

James and Rebecca - breakfast extravaganza: Eggs, hollandaise, pancakes, fruit, champagne, OJ, and of course, coffee!

[edit] Lunch

Do we really need one?

No lunch required - anyone up for a 15km run or part of one? Heather

[edit] Dinner

James / Rebecca - Stuffed ravioli with a mushroom sauce. Probably a couple variations. Yam and wild rice stuffed veggie variation as well as either a sausage or duck stuffed variation.

john-deep fried goose and duck. Di - spuds and duck-based stuffing for fowl, candied yams.

Pumpkin Pie - Heather

[edit] Monday

[edit] Breakfast


[edit] Lunch

More Leftovers...

[edit] Items

Heather - Pumpkin pie

Ray - Soup

Ian / Martha - Ian and I can run with appetizers.. prosciutto wrapped asparagus, shrimp and other stuff I can't think of yet... moc

Andree - Cheese platter

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