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OK, I only play one game.


[edit] World politics game

Something fun to play, informative in the real world.

[edit] If a US civil war happened scenario

  1. the president would call martial law
    1. rights would be taken away
    2. the army would be mobilized
    3. access to nukes and other weapons
  2. open communications would be changed
  3. rivalries and differences would suddenly become very important
    1. city vs country
    2. poor vs wealthy
    3. region vs region
    4. ethnic, religious, etc
  4. countries around the world would intervene
    1. economic
      1. world economy
      2. US
        1. takeover of fractured US assets

[edit] Entities, aspects, etc

  1. The Real
    1. Locations
      1. Entities have location, direction, velocity
        1. Major weapon
        2. Person
  2. Factors
    1. Influence
    2. Money
    3. Resources
    4. Intervene
      1. assault
  3. Events
    1. New stories
    2. Intervention

[edit] Examples

 Headline: Real World-New president is Issues-Religion-Christian-Baptist
   +20 to Factors-Influence where
 add resources (links to news stories, images, etc
 Headline: Real World-New president continues travels to Panama
   +0.044:Location-World-Latitude-x where
     +Real World-New president
 add resources (links to news stories, images, etc

[edit] Game versions

Games are defined by a server using standard "google maps" mashup. Games can be derived from other games.

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