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Carlos, Hans and David met via Skype (which kept flaking out) to discuss different healthcare ideas.


[edit] Participants


[edit] Themes of projects

[edit] Social networking

  • [Hans] create a "social networking" site based on Jenera
  • [Hans] use social networking technology to help automate the referral process on the health care professional side
  • [Carlos] Develop a virtual forum where virtual communities and social networking applications for health professionals can engage with virtual communities and social networking applications for patients and consumers

[edit] Rating systems

  • [David] create a rating system for health care facilities and resources

My proposal would be to include profiles of individuals and facilities that would support positive attributes only, like merit badges, to avoid the issues of unfair criticism. For example, a doctor may be tagged "knowledgeable about skin diseases," "internet user," "involved in the community," and so on. Entities with many merits would stand out, others would not.

I would not build this on its own but rather as part of a comprehensive health site. Especially if Virtual Clinic clearly goes open source, we could use it as a basis. It looks like there will be continued development of Virtual Coach which could be tied in.

[edit] Knowledge transfer

  • [Hans} create a central online/virtual want ad for health to increase understanding, facilitate participation and foster development of healthcare apps - similar to what is available at but specific to health care - could also have a relate (or separate) section that is similar to sourceforge, but dedicated to health projects
  • [David / Carlos] Extend wiki to support semantic tags for project development and idea organization. see . Virtual Clinic uses the Jamwiki wiki markup parser, which is mediawiki compatible.

[edit] Health system development

  • [Hans] create a site to help potential developers (or even funders) get acclimatized to some of the issues/challenges/nuances of healthcare

[edit] Making things happen

[edit] Funding

[edit] No funding model

Make something very lightweight, eg a wiki installation with discussions, or host it on facebook, google or other net infrastructure.

[edit] Advertising funding model

[Hans] - there's always the generic adsense via Google. Unfortunately, it sucks. [Hans] - could look at targeted advertising if we go for a "want ads" type site, especially if we can get sufficient volume to help recruiters find employers.

[edit] Academic or institutional grants

[edit] Crowd sourcing opportunities

[edit] Commercial partnerships

[edit] Subscription model

[Hans] Is there a possibility for subscription model? Some content is free, but then have "premium" services that are for $$?

[David] Do you mean a two-tier Web site? Hah hah. I'd consider as an alternative that when someone pays for services, their case can receive particular attention and be optionally shared.

[edit] Existing projects

Virtual Clinic

[edit] Opportunities available

  • Second Android Challenge: Up to $1 Million [1]
  • Grand Challenges Explorations: $100 million initiative to help scientists across the globe pursue ideas that have never before been tested for solving major health problems. [2]
  • My dream app: [3]
  • Clinton Foundation [4] - Nokia Corp. on Thursday becomes the latest maker of smart phones to invest millions of dollars to spur the creation of new services and features for the mobile market.

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