Itinerary Asia 2007

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[edit] week 1


July 22-26

Human Computer Interaction International - Beijing China 2007

July 27

IBM Research and Development Labs - Beijing China I am very excited about these meetings.

[edit] weeks 2 - 4 - Jul 25 - Aug 13

Right, but we need to do something about the 26 hours train ride between Shang... hai and Guilin. It is just not best use of time. Would like to stay a day longer in Shang... hai, and fly to Guilin.

Would also like to stay longer in Hong Kong, at the end of the China trip. To rest, clean up, upNdownLoad, etc.

[edit] week 5 - 6

Thailand ?

no. Prefer South Corea.

I must go visit Amy, friend in Seoul. She has spirit.

Connected with her last year at CHI in home town mtl. She is now lead UI designer at Samsung.

and Thailand is too easy.. too amsterdam-ish.

[edit] weeks 7 - 8


(near the red dot, just to the south west of the 'swastika' building)

Booked two bicycles.

Reference from Bob: Bamboo groves in Arashiyama in Kyoto:

[edit] weeks 9 - 10


Our Host

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