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My Lenovo x60 battery had 2 minutes battery life after just 18 months of minimal use (I did condition it occasionally). I can't really call that "long life." I finally needed to get a new one for a trip a few days ago, so went to the Lenovo site. What do I see?

Unfortunately requested item was not available.

I guess Lenovo doesn't sell batteries for these models anymore? In a rush I ordered a third party battery (LIB201X), with one day turn around. Guess what? It fits better than the Lenovo original, which rattled.

Thing is, the Lenovo battery would have cost $200. The computer is barely worth that these days.

If there is a danger with third party batteries, Lenovo should be responsible and detail exactly what they are, or call a consumer board and have them pulled. Otherwise, they should get rid of this message that reminds me of their product failure, and will give me an impetus to explain it to everyone who will see it.

I'm not trying to be a troll here, but there's no other way to see this for me.

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