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The game I always knew as "Broken Telephone" is called "Chinese Whispers" on Wikipedia. Wikipedia's page translations are cultural, not literal, so selecting different language versions on Wikipedia, translated through Google Translate, yields this:

ISO language codeIn that languageIn English via Google Translate
afTelefoontjie One phone
bgРазвален телефонCorrupted phone
caEl telèfonThe phone
csTichá poštaPrivate messages
deStille PostSilent post
enChinese whispersRussian scandal, whisper down the lane, broken telephone, operator, grapevine, gossip, don't drink the milk, secret message, the messenger game and pass the message.
esTeléfono descompuestoPhone decomposed
fiRikkinäinen puhelinBroken phone
frTéléphone arabeArab telephone; which Google Translate translates to "grapevine"
heטלפון שבורBroken phone
itTelefono senza filiCordless phone
ja伝言ゲームTelephone game
ko옮겨 말하기Speaking moved
kshStėlle PoßßPoint popp, but Riparian is not supported by Google Translate
plGłuchy telefon (gra)Deaf phone
ptTelefone sem fio (brincadeira)Wireless phone
roTelefonul fără firWireless phone
ruИспорченный телефонBroken phone
skTichá pošta sv VisklekenWhispering game
trKulaktan kulağaFrom ear to ear
ttВатык телефонVatyk phone; Google translate doesn't support Tatar
zh传话游戏Messenger game

List via Wikidata.

I like "From ear to ear" the best.


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