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Montreal restaurants



Montréal entertainment - nice writeup about about enjoy the city, restaurants, etc - the walkable city. - my dossier at the BANQ library

Montreal bicycling - kayaking in the city and region, parks and rentals. - great google map of Montréal metro - - local farms within 100km of Montreal - delivery boxes, markets and stands. - beaches - Ville Montréal reference #s etc

Suggestions for a family visiting in winter

I haven't been to Euro Deli but it sounds good and that's an interesting area. Le Petite Marche is another good restaurant for families on St Denis (a wonderful street), it's big, lively but not too 'adult,' has a lot of variety on the menu and is not too expensive. Don't forget to get real hot chocolate, au Festin de Babette on St Denis is very nice for that. You can also get good bagels (and cream cheese) at a few places in Montreal and good bakeries - Première Moisson is a good 'chain' - and cheese shops are in most neighbourhoods (as a vegetarian I'm not going to suggest Montréal smoked meat to you ;]).

Of course visiting the mountain, where you can skate or ski, the old port, which is very nice and has carriage rides, and many other areas will be of interest in the winter. Just outside Montreal there are lots of family activities including sliding.

Montréal blogs and activities - meetup, sign up for local events - french conversation group - a bit caustic - 17 Montréal parks

vegetarian poutine

is it possible?

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