Montreal restaurants

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Jump to navigation Jump to search - completely dark restaurant staffed by blind persons - I heard about this place on the radio but couldn't find it because I thought it was "au noir." - Palais de l'Inde we ordered "vegetarian for two" - list of places, including entertainment/interest. Cafe Byblos - Nice Iranian/Persian atmosphere, very friendly owners, however the food seems average at best, aside from the Sunday evening specialty dish.

To try - brasserie on laurier ouest - thai - 50 laurier ouest - long list of restos - good list of veggie restos - another neato cafe with internet

Le Jardin De Panos (greek avv)


  • Thai - Chu Chai (4088 St-Denis, 843-4194)
  • Bombay Mahal - supposed to be very good


  • - stupid web site, but I pronounce the pizza pretty good. Lots of different veggies on the vegetarian pizza.

Net cafes - Nice low key place. - good listing of apportez votre vin places



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