Rogers Dream handset problems

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Unfortunately since getting this device it has had constant network problems. This phone will take a long time to start downloading, or will time out. Recently the 3G icon has started disappearing altogether randomly. Don't see the same problem at the same location with other 3G handsets. Additionally, it sometimes shuts itself off, even when plugged in.

Have been talking to Rogers for months about this issue, have taken it through several network resets, soft and hard operating resets, different config changes, and the 911 update. Just spoke to "Sam," and we are going to try one more thing, swapping the SIM with an iPhone. Apparently if the iPhone works without problems they will switch the handset.

Log going forward....

  • April 1 wireless went away
  • April 6 shut itself off
  • April 9, wireless went away.
  • April 11, shut itself off

After many shutdowns and network problems, Rogers finally let me send it back. New handset received April 19 has better net reception and hasn't shut itself off.

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