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Notes for an iPhone review.

Vs N95

  • n95 has real time cross application search (like Spotlight).
  • n95's gps works when not online

Safety and convenience

The iPhone screams opulence. Pulling it out in an unsafe neighbourhood wouldn't be a good idea. And it's big, not convenient if you want to travel light. You might want to switch with another phone occasionally. Yet extracting the SIM card requires a special tool (something else to keep track of), and once you switch phones you're suddenly in ambiguous billing territory, since carrier plans are device specific. It also doesn't support A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo) [1], so you can't use the same headset for listening to music and taking calls, keeping the phone safely and conveniently stashed away.

Developing for

Carriers - Fido

Plan confusion


Blikied on Aug 31, 2008