Linux battery optimization

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  • "It is no use setting sleep mode on the HDD if you leave Syslog running." - how much does this apply for SSDs? - how does this relate ot out of the box stuff?

  • Do you leave your battery plugged into the notebook when you have the notebook plugged into the wall? enjoy dramatically shortened battery life because of the heat killing your battery.

  • our web browser (e.g. Firefox) should be set to use browser.disk.cache.parent_dir=/tmp in about:config (mount /tmp as tmpfs). Really anything creating or writing files periodically should write them to tmpfs. Also, you might want to just make a symbolic link from ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profile]/Cache -> /tmp.
  • Eliminate ALL logging - it will wake up the hard disks every time a message is logged, unless you log to tmpfs.
  • Tweak the kernel to enable dynamic ticks (i.e. a 'tickless' system)
  • Really look through your ~/.xyz files to see which of them contain logs and caches. Redirect those to /tmp using a symbolic link.
  • Plain old Debian with Gnome or KDE (or Xfce if composited desktop and nice transparency is required) will fare much better than Ubuntu every time, will have better performance all around and has the added benefit of negating the need to ever visit the truly dire Ubuntu Forums. (you said it brother)


Blikied on Aug 25, 2009