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May 26, sent email to Panasonic Global to inquire about getting Japanese purchased LC1 repaired from Canada.

May 27, received response from Panasonic (LumixConcierge@ca), they sent me to

 Professional Electronics
 5810 Ambler Drive Unit #10
 Mississauga ON
 L4W 4J5
 Phone: 905 625-6638
 Fax: 905 625-8199
 Email: jcasino,

Looks like the camera was affected by this defect:

After the notice about Nikon malfunctions last week, now comes the time for the Japanese company Panasonic to anounce CCD performance defects with the Lumix DMC-LC1. In the press release, Panasonic tells us that is offering repair service for domestic Japanese LC1 models, but has not released details about service for other areas.

also discussed here:

I just got mine back from Panasonic two weeks ago. My sensor had gone black (died) back in November 2006 and I had told them a few times that Leica replaced such sensors for free as it is a Sony sensor error.
Finally, Panasonic told them they replaced those on warranty. And they did (here in Denmark). So try if it is possible. Sounds to me Panasonic just recently, like three weeks ago, told their repair houses to repair these on warranty.

June 23, 2008

We sent it to a repair shop in Montreal, who charged us a $45 estimate and said it would cost $650 to fix. Then we found this:

Called Panasonic (spoke to Scott), they said they will repair it for free, and reimburse our estimate. Nice! They sent us to Acadian electronic in Montreal.


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