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Some dates are approximate.

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Acknowledged in JAMA paper |URL= |Start date=June 24, 2004 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Founder and President of Internex Online (first ISP in Canada) |URL= |Start date=April 30, 1993 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Amnesty International certificate of appreciation for helping their online migration |URL={{{URL}}} |Start date=November 30, 1994 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development |URL= |Start date=August 30, 2009 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Neilson Norman Usability Workshop |URL= |Start date=September, 2002 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Co author, "Using Semantic Mediawiki in large scale scientific projects |URL= |Start date=March 2010 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Senior Technical Specialist, Center for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network |URL= |Start date=September 2001 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Online patient-provider communications and access to health record in research |URL= |Start date=September 15, 2003 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Sessions on using SMW for non profit individuals |URL= |Start date=July 15, 2009 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Lead developer on world's first public federal consultation on foreign policy |URL= |Start date=August 15, 2002 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Innovation Cell fellow |URL= |Start date=January 15, 2010 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity | consultant for human rights and security |URL= |Start date=February 15, 2010 }}

{{#set_internal:Activity |Name=Session on introducing SMW to non technical peole |URL= |Start date=May 22, 2010 }}