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We picked up a Wii for the physicality of the games. No substitute for real exercise, but neat.  :)

http://resmagonline.com/articles/publish/article_1579.shtml - on using the Wii "sensor bar" with a front projector (recommends $19.95 “Wireless Sensor Bar” from Nyko, but AsID Wiresless Sensor Bar is available from future shop for $29, as are a number of others.

Wii Fit Notes

RedOctane Ignition Pad

Was curious if this would work with the Wii, since it's USB. We'd bought this to use with an open source DDR like game, StepMania, which turned out to be pretty bad because it was only oriented towards very high BPM play. Unfortunately it seems this mat won't work with the Wii.

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:06:09 -0700 From: RedOctane Customer Support <service@redoctane.com>

Dear Customer,

The Ignition dance pad is not supported by the Nintendo Wii.

Thank you, RedOctane Customer Service www.RedOctane.com


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