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(from a facebook note)

Just for fun and to think about how things might be in a few years (with pervasive networking and location awareness), I brought along a BT-CD110 GPS logger. The device's large memory and long battery life means I can just carry it around and it'll log every location I go within 10 meters - assuming it can track satellites.

It's nice to know exactly where we went, and I plan to attach precise locations and times to the zillions of pictures we took.

It couldn't always get a signal (must have had something to do with alignment of the satellites) and threw in the occasional wild abberation (which appararently happens more when walking rather than driving), but it's added an interesting aspect to the travels. It's been especially fun to use with the umpc.

You can see our travels so far in the attached images.


overall trip after Beijing

And a closer view in Xi'an. Google Earth draws blue lines along the collected path (you can see them better by clicking on the thumbnails, the actual data is quite detailed), with straight lines between disconnected points. Once I get some time I'll find or write a program for post processing.


Xi'an closer up

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