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Multimedia Press Report – Notes from the meeting held on January 17, 2007 Participants: Karen, Nancy, Galina, Stephanie, Kay Friel, Doina, David

1. Project Update - Three FacilitatePro sessions will be held in January to conduct the online focus groups. - JCC will be a combination of face- to-face introduction and then a virtual session (Jan 24 1-2:30) - CTN will be a completely virtual session (Jan 25 12-1) - PMH is still in the process of being arranged - A fourth virtual focus group may be scheduled to conduct a dialogue along the lines of the perceived value survey (if there will be interested participants)

2. Multimedia Press Report (MMR)

What do we mean by it and how will it be used? - The MMR will be an illustrative story of what we accomplished in the project with a focus on the technologies. - It is a different way of presenting results and allows us to explore this method further. - The MMR could be a more personal way of reporting without having a lot of text to read. - It can be used to show the human side of research (An example is a photography project Nancy discussed which showcased top 20 mathematicians).. - The MMR can be a more dynamic way for the results to keep living after the project is finished. - It will also help to attract different types of learners.

Who is the potential audience for the MMR? - MMR will be used many times and many ways - The possible audiences are OICR, top scientists and politicians.

But what about the audience who were the participants? Do they not count as a possible audience?

- Kay also sees that possibly the tools could be useful for PIs. How can we sell it to them through the MMR? - The MMR won’t be for the clinical trial coordinators. - The MMR should be sexy to the people that could actually make a difference to clinical trials. - It could be used to motivate politicians to do something valuable for clinical research instead of reinventing the wheel. - Show it to UofT medical students and get clinical trials into their heads.

We need to remember our original question and findings as we commence the report.

Content - Introduce clinical trialists, nurses, doctors, and associate statements with these people. - Present the solutions. - Use different viewpoints of the patient, clinical trialists, researchers, physicians. - Demonstrate that it is possible to involve members of the healthcare team to use virtual tools - The tools were a success from our point of view because lay participants used them and were happy with them

tools were effective - generalizable, specialized enough to drill down enough. once they could figure them out.

- Highlight Jim’s enthusiasm as an example of a physician that found it easy to use and that it is possible for a physician to become involved. Participant pictures in the MMR: - JCC (Juravinsky Cancer Centre) could possibly be asked - Consent would need to be obtained. - Search for UHN open release form - Ask Eleanor to talk about her experience in the community - Combine written text with pictures of people - Incorporate Edward Tufte's principles of design - Explain and summarize the project and highlight some of the issues - Emphasize that people want to have a dialogue if the right tools are available to them. - Has to be attractive

3. Technology applications - The MMR should be able to be easily imbedded into presentations (PowerPoint, websites) - Software possibilities include Flashmovie, iMovie, or FinalCut Pro. - The MMR must be able to be viewed with QuickTime or Media Player. - It needs to upload very fast. - we can provide 2 versions of this - one being small - in Flash, the other in Quicktime - The technology could allow the audience to view chapters in the MMR. The chapters would allow viewers to watch the whole movie or flip through the movie.

4. Feasibility and Next steps

- David and Nancy will start working on the report – they will ask the team for materials (report, recorded virtual sessions from Phase 2 for now; at the end of Jan we will give them Phase 3 materials too) - Final product: end of February 28th. - First draft: at the end of Jan (Nancy, David – please confirm the timeline; please send me a plan detailing what needs to happen and by when)

5. Other Info Kay (OICR) – to follow up with her in Feb as this will be the dissemination plan: - The plan for this year’s clinical trial week is to bring together the media and have workshops for the media writers. The workshop would explain the process of clinical trials to bring a continuum of clinical trials to the media. Clinical trial week is the week of May 21. Perhaps the MMR is something the media could see… - Many chronic disease networks are coming together, titled N2, to share ideas, information, etc. The MMR could be shown to other networks who that can use the technologies.

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