Chelsea March 2009

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Ladies first!


[edit] Menu

[edit] Friday night

  • Wine (A&D, D&A)
  • Cheese & Baguettes (A&D)

[edit] Saturday

Andr�e Do we need 3 meals a day? hmm...will consult with andy. andy is fine with tapas...have limited experience. what should we make?

How about all day tapas? (d&a) shrimp

[edit] Saturday breakfast

(d&a)ideal coffee, is half & half ok with everyone?

  • half & half (coffee blend I assume) sounds good, fair trade I assume? davidm

lol half cream and half milk!! I was wondering why andy wanted to blend coffees... (dk)

[edit] Saturday lunch

for lunch how about a big snack platter that we can help ourselves to whenever we want. fruits, vegetables , crackers, cheese etc.

[edit] Saturday dinner & snacks

how about raclette

[edit] Sunday

[edit] Sunday breakfast

Andr�e Anything with lots of maple syrup

eggs (d&a)

[edit] Sunday lunch

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