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I was typing a response to a comment, and was wondering if you'd consider publishing something like it as an entry? It could make conversation more introspective. Actually, I was considering applying for the mobile columnist, but I'm going to be traveling for a while so it might be a bit difficult (or appropriate?). Is the position still available?

(re: iphone critiquing)

I guess there are different ways of looking at this...

The "realist" point of view, which says the AT&T network doesn't support 3G, and 3G availability is going to be clobbered by patents, and there always ways, or "attachments" around any shortcoming, and, why should Apple give away the farm, when they can string people along for years? These people are basically evil apologists, shills, or CEOs.

The "who needs it anyway" point of view. "If Grandpa didn't need GPS, neither do I!" And decreasingly, "Why can't I get a phone that's just a phone," which shows how conservative these people can be. Or, more kindly, "I'll wait until it's a simple, ubiquitous feature and all the kinks are worked out," which is how we ended up with SMS.

Then the "idealist/hacker" point of view. "Another competitor has it, so this device should have it, because I need / want to hack around with it, someday it will change my life!" This point of view assumes or at least calls for a completely even competitive landscape in terms of the network, components, etc. (especially, fewer patents and more worldwide standards), as well as a tolerance for the occasional bug, bad UI, or extra kg. "Also, it should cost $10."

Then, there is the "$Apple fanboy," where it doesn't matter what the features are, if it's an $Apple product, it's just great, and STFU naa naa. This is a reasonable POV, as long as $Apple remains competitive - which means people don't get lazy, or, worse yet, smug (think most of the 90s). ($ meaning Apple is a variable)

I'm mostly an idealist/hacker. Which one are you?

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