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The civic group mysociety created a moderately successful web site called fixmystreet. Report potholes, get the city to respond.

They tried the same concept in Ottawa, with a branch in Montréal, but it's not really taking off. http://fixmystreet.ca/

Now CAA is doing it, why couldn't they have worked with fixmystreet? It's already there, people invested, that would have meant something. Instead they stole the idea.

I think that concept and the nanny services is past its date, it's time for letsfixourstreet, where people good at fixing streets who live on a block can grab a shovel. A lot faster, less expensive. The city can certify the work. Over time reliable networks will form, if we end up with a transparent public infrastructure, where a 14 or 80 year old is looking at the same numbers a city worker is, and all the puzzle pieces are there, it will really be a transformation. Eventually locals will be installing kinetic and solar energy generators on their street.


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