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[edit] essential

[edit] Front end

  • designer control on front end
  • fluid (ajaxy) without going overboard (URLs to every location)
  • accessible
  • RESTy URLs
  • in place editing
  • embedded wiki parser or other way of creating composite documents

[edit] Data

  • rdfa
  • micro licenses
    • ccREL
  • polymorphic data
  • REST (JSON), SPARQL queryable
  • strict validation
    • JSR 303

[edit] Execution

  • runs nearly anywhere
  • scalable
  • fine grained security
  • sso

[edit] Construction

  • uses standard libraries
  • fluid development (no restarting) including site structure and objects
  • easy to populate with data and export

[edit] nice to have

  • polyglot - jvm, ruby, python, php, etc

[edit] Other info

reciprocal content - free maps (using openstreetmaps) - webdav access to smw tagged content (java)

microformats - - scalable rdf store

mulgara - scalable rdf (java) - links to lots of orientation

[edit] Ontologies - meta directory - RDF schemas - social field ontologies cc typed information

Ideal systems

Scala Lift ?

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