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 Ours is not to wonder why, ours is just to do or die 

I really dislike corporate apologists, and anyone who makes excuses not to constantly examine their behaviour. While I am no saint, and I try not to be a miserable complainer, there's no reason not to include more consideration in daily choices. I am not capable of really changing mass behaviour, but I would like to understand and perhaps participate in opening up some issues, in my own disorganized way.

Lifetime networked gadgets


[edit] Transparency

[edit] Involvement

[edit] Eat less meat

[edit] Real money

The value of money on essentials vs non essentials

[edit] Credit Card Points

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As a consumer, I would like to see costs be as realistic and direct as possible; I do not want to subsidize other people when making my purchase, especially since I am a strong believer in “vote with your dollar” and these schemes (what else can you call them?) interfere with that. It is my understanding that using a debit card only costs the merchant .25c, so it makes more sense to use it when possible. Or cash.

I’ve read that merchants are suffering due to the extra costs they have to add to their products because of the credit card company’s take. (see examples at I think the best solution would be to encourage reduced “cash prices,” personally I’d rather pocket the 2 - 4% and use it how I see fit rather than choose from a limited catalogue. A directory of stores that offer cash prices would be very useful. believes an Aeroplan point is worth 1.6 cents, so you'd need to charge $5000/year to your $130/year credit card (eg CIBC or Amex Gold Aeroplan card). Of course, extra cards make this easier.

[edit] Mobile plans in Canada

Ambient internet.

Letter to Fido July 2008 - Fido refused to let me use my current n95 phone on their plan.

Letter to Fido September 2008 - Fido signed me up for the unlimited surfing plan, after I clearly told them I'm using a Nokia n95, and is now trying to charge me extra for data.

[edit] Misc consumer issues

Third party Lenovo x60 battery

[edit] Media access to articles

Opening things up.

Letter to Globe and Mail August 2008

Posting Thoughts

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