Letter to Fido September 2008

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I have a Nokia n95 phone. I would like to sign up to a 3 year Fido contract, but currently Fido does not offer any phones I consider to be better.

I went through some service problems last month, and at the end of it I decided to stick with my current phone with your surfing option. I had been given the surfing option and used it with my phone early in the year. I very clearly explained to an in store rep, and in a letter to Fido, and a customer representative named Theresa who resolved my situation for me, that I would be using the surfing option with an n95, and they agreed this would be acceptable.

I just received a bill and in addition to the surfing option, I have been charged $81 for data fees.

I called Fido services, and spoke to a rep who told me I could sign up for your $30/month 6GB data plan on a three year plan, and sign up for a phone 3 year plan when Fido offers a handset I was interested in. The data charges would be waived. This rep said they were going to call back, but they did not.

I called back, and spoke to another rep. She told me that I was not eligible for the $30 data plan, and that I would only be offered a 25% refund for the data charges.

I am completely stunned by this response. I was assured multiple times that I could use the surfing option with my n95. I do not understand why I am being charged now. This strikes me as very shady practice. Clearly it is not honest or ethical to tell a customer one thing, then charge them extra afterward on a totally different basis.

I do not want any hassle here. I have been a Fido customer for a long time, often paying large bills, and while I can't say it's been great, I don't want to switch. In fact I am so upset by this behaviour I would investigate other solutions.

I would like to have this situation resolved per the solution offered by the first rep; for all data charges to be cleared, and to sign up for the $30/month data plan.

Please contact me to discuss.



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