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OK, I didn't love the n95, though it has a good camera and GPS that works offline, the horrible UI inconsistency, lack of touchscreen, very slow GPS lock, scratch prone camera lens and other deficiencies really irked me. Will I fall for the n97?


[edit] Drawbacks

  • Still no USB charging
  • Even heavier (150g)

[edit] Advantages

  • Higher res 640 x 360 resistive touch screen
  • Keyboard
  • Revamped UI (S60 series 5) though I'm not expecting it to be iPhone quality.
  • Built in compass, though I guess it requires a GPS fix first.

[edit] Canada source

[edit] Other

32GB built in memory is a waste. I've only used 3GB on the n95 with music and a year's worth of photos and video.

Why oh why can't an Android device with N97 hardware features appear? Symbian is supposed to be a good OS, but there's too much baggage and not enough open source emphasis.


Blikied on May 6, 2009

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