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[edit] Server

Replace bot's archiver with type service (agents)

Auto thumbnailer for apache2 (Perl::AutoIndex needs apache::icon for ubuntu ?) (lenny)

Mozilla weave server / zotero (store)

gmail copies outgoing messages

Public / private mail system & agent

Distributed version of smw written in a suitable (strongly typed - this is the basis, not the domain) language with protected content, easier ability to reference inline topics, use of standard components (jena, bliki parser, etc)

[edit] lr


Organize media better

Move old backups to ?

[edit] Workstation

Fingerprint reader works from locked screen saver (jaunty)

Need to restart X to see display changes (jaunty)

Stable compiz combination (jaunty)

Get Japanese keyboard working (right square bracket is missing)

[edit] General

Status across web pages (agents) (zooidapi)

Informal Montreal social/tech events?


Shell game for closed source health & gov't software.

Alternative advertising

Anatomy of a budget - how are billions of dollars spent at a time, anyway? And how much waste is typical?

terminal - a trustworthy (reassignable key) personal electronic device that can 'always' reach the internet

wordsss - facebook type module that captures everyone's contact info. once an x (day), people can trade a single word with each other. People volunteer to have a word sent to them, or they can go into word pools.

talking pal / "colour commentary," mobile device that you can constantly learn to speak with, using voice training

Constructively and intentionally linking computer memory, connections and potentials; is it possible? Baselines, goals, data, factors.

Intervention 2009 - some out of date thoughts

easily acknowledge anything that is seen in a browser as viewed or viewed+interested

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