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[edit] Rules of the road

  • must dim headlights at 150m at night
  • must slow down for passing cars
  • default speed in cities is 50km/h
  • default minimum speed of an expressway: 60km/h
  • default maximum speed of an expressway: 100km/h
  • on gravel roads max is 70km/h
  • studded tires can be used between Oct 15 and May 1
  • after passing, must move back into right lane after vehicle is visible from inside mirror
  • two facing cars must both pass in front when turning left at intersection (??)
  • switch to low beams in fog at 150m
  • in multi lane intersections, must turn into corresponding lane instead of left or rightmost
  • must park 5 meters from a hydrant, pedestrian sidewalk, stop sign
  • must stop 5 meters from flashing light school bus
  • must park 8 meters from fire hall or police station across the road
  • discourage tailgaters by slowing down
  • at flashing green light, proceed in any direction
  • buses, minibuses, and all vehicles transporting dangerous materials must stop at railway crossings
  • must stop 5m from level railway crossing when lights flashing
  • restricted license available for working hours only if license is taken away
  • license revoked & criminal charge for impaired charge
  • at an intersection turning left, tap horn for pedestrian (???)
  • demerit points removed two years after conviction or payment
  • fee for license varies if the area has a transit system
  • braking distance doubles with speed (2x speed, 4x braking)
  • avoid glare at night by wearing tinted lenses (???)
  • while driving around a curve slow down before the curve, maintain speed rounding the curve, accelerate when exiting
  • when allowed to make a right turn at a red light, must stop first
  • when making a left turn at a 4-way, must yield to driver moving in the opposite direction in the lane
  • must have a full license for 2 years before being an accompanying diver
  • learner's permit is suspended after 4 demerit points
  • 15 demerit points before losing a license
  • green outline means obligation
  • rotate tires every 10k km
  • speed up wipers when approaching a heavy vehicle in rain

[edit] Signs

  • white cross on green background - emergency stop
  • yellow sign with speed limit - recommended speed

[edit] Practice tests

I passed!

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