Rogers Android Problems and Solutions

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[edit] Software problems

[edit] Time zone problems

If not in Eastern time zone, your Android may use the wrong time in SMS messages -

Solution: May be resolved by resetting device. Rogers' suggestion is to revert to 2G????


[edit] Using different ROM versions - how to root (and use different ROMs) for the Rogers Dream (and Magic).

"Official" support is still an issue, individuals are forced to operate in a grey zone (eg if features for rooted phones require support Rogers support, such as visual voicemail type systems),although Rogers has stated any device can be used with their voice/data plans.

[edit] Enabling the soft keyboard

For some reason Rogers did not enable the soft keyboard on the Dream.

Solution (from )


I bought the phone mainly to develop mobile applications for sale. I have to bring it back since Rogers is blocking the sale on Android Market.

[edit] Adoption rate in Canada

With the hype and consumer focus of iPhone and Pre, not many Android devices may have been sold by Rogers. This leads to a situation where consumers don't have much influence on the provider. The device being "open source" is a mitigation, and Rogers has used the word "open" in their promotion, though it is unclear the degree third party firmware versions and enhancements will be supported or tolerated.

[edit] Hardware problems

[edit] Camera quality

Although the camera is 3.2mp autofocus, the quality is very low. Images have poor contrast, colour quality, and low light performance is non existent. Focus problems can be to some degree resolved using SnapPhoto. SnapPhoto is available in a basic free version, and a $0.99 "Pro" version (not available in Canada yet).

[edit] Headphone adapter

The HTC devices require a USB to 3.5mm adapter for headphones. It does come with a mic and in-ear headphone set. Third party headphone or headphone + USB charging ports are available, but they're dangly and another thing to forget. Another option is to use A2DP Bluetooth stereo, but it's another battery to charge and audio dropout problems are reported.

[edit] Poor battery life

Several 2200/2300mah third party batteries are available. Unfortunately, this makes the device rather clunky, and most skins and cases will not fit. At least we can swap the battery. ;) - "50 hours continual use before battery died in first cycle. Heavy browser use, light calling and text, medium GPS/Maps, games."

[edit] No light sensor

Since there's no light sensor, the user must manually switch between low backlight (battery preservation) and bright (use in sunlight). The best solution is an app such as Toggle Settings to switch between different hardware profiles.

[edit] Links - G1 tips & tricks

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