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Posting these because Rogers has promised to publish all comments, yet a couple reasonable comments have 'disappeared.'

davidm says: March 4, 2010 at 12:14 am Your comment is awaiting moderation. Our goal is to review all comments within 1 business day.

It’s still quite unclear why users need to be dependant on Rogers to upgrade handsets, when the community can provide high quality, supported, newer versions of these operating systems.

It seems like a win win in line with your efforts. Sell us the hardware as part of a contract, or let us buy it on the open market, and as provided by the most competitive, leading edge, open resources out there anyone can upgrade as they desire. But I’m stuck on 1.5 on my “Dream” (with keyboard), upgrading before 36 months (!!!) through Rogers would be heinous if you even had any decent options (SE X10, maybe, if it’s an Android, not proprietary device). Imagine if your PC were so limited. And mobile devices could be a lot more innovative than PCs.

Posted another one at 1:09 PM about RogersMary's statements about Rogers "owning" the Android market (monopoly phrase) and "customizing" handsets, it disappeared.

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