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Votorola - an interesting voting system

Media system

Ideal components- maybe

Intervention 2009 - developing an innovative tech project

Ubuntu 9.10 vs Fedora 12


Linux Admin

Java Universe







[edit] Overviews

Visualizing Internet

[edit] Visualization and modeling - nice. - periodic table of visualization methods - yeah it's out of date, but a good overview.. for it's time ?

open source kit for big flash maps - - love the Circos

[edit] dev oriented - eclipse - create sequence and class diagrams from running code. $50 - OSS - eDOBS is the eclipse plugin version of the Dynamic Object Browsing System. It visualizes object worlds and thus makes it easier to imagin what happens when certain actions are done. So you can actually _see_ what happens when e.g. a method is invoked. - OSS - Fujaba Tool Suite combines UML class diagrams and UML behaviour diagrams to a powerful, easy to use, yet formal system design and specification language... The Fujaba Tool Suite RE Edition is especially configured with plugins for Reverse Engineering and Design Pattern recognition. - jBixbe gives you a new innovative way to debug Java applications on the conceptual level of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) at which they are designed and makes it possible to find not only simple bugs but also weaknesses and insufficiencies in application design.

[edit] AI / Memory - principals of a good ai

Ebbinghaus discovered many lawlike regularities of mental life. He was the first to draw a learning curve. Among his original observations was an account of a strange phenomenon that would drive his successors half batty for the next century: the spacing effect.

Ebbinghaus showed that it's possible to dramatically improve learning by correctly spacing practice sessions. On one level, this finding is trivial; all students have been warned not to cram. But the efficiencies created by precise spacing are so large, and the improvement in performance so predictable, that from nearly the moment Ebbinghaus described the spacing effect, psychologists have been urging educators to use it to accelerate human progress.

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