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[edit] phone


kinda hard due to phone standards, simpler to rent when required.

[edit] audio player

Unfortunately none of the other gadgets have the battery life for dual functions.

[edit] noise cancelling headphones

for flights and phlegm soundproofing

ars technica - nice and big

kensington? - cheap and small - G&T, csc for $40

[edit] gps loggers



  • works on mac / linux?
  • mini usb charging
  • at least 25 hours battery life or 12 hours + standard batteries (AA, AAA) (without bluetooth)
  • logging mode, device mode, and both (q1000 definitely supports this, do others?)
  • number of waypoints
  • Chipset - MTK may offer better tracking at walking speeds than Sirf Star

[edit] QStarz BT Q1000

$120 - 32 hour battery life. not released yet?

[edit] wintec wbt-200


[edit] iblue 747


[edit] Locotech BGT-11 / Amaryllo Trip Tracker

$166 CDN

Not sure about exact features, more costly, but nice since it has a screen to show position / compass

Has an sd card slot.

Sent message to mobilegpsonline.

  • uses the older sirfstar chipset, may not be as fast / accurate
  • requires a lot of manual intervention?

[edit] small computer

  • min 1.2ghz, 512mb, 60gb, 12"

[edit] LifeBook® P1610 Notebook

  • Core™ Solo Processor Ultra Low Voltage U1400
  • Wide Format XGA indoor/outdoor TFT touch screen display
  • 2.2 pounds
  • from $1,599 US

[edit] very small computer

[edit] Asus R2HV-A1

$1369 CDN

Pentium M, 1.28GB, 809GB, 7" 800x400, GPS, 1.8lbs, webcam 1.3M 235 degree swivel

2 hours battery life, ~ 4 hours with 4 cell battery - does it come with 2nd battery?


Would still need a GPS logger due to battery life.

[edit] Samsung Q1U

[edit] Sony VAIO UX380CN

$2500 CDN

1.3GHz Core Solo, 40 GB HDD, 1 GB, 1024x600, .3 + 1.3mpix cam, slide keyboard, Vista

3.5 hour battery life 1.2lbs

Raon Everrun

AMD 500-600 mhz, 256-512mb, 800x480

7 hour battery life!

$700 - $1100 US

[edit] accessories

[edit] versatile digicam

[edit] Handheld video corders with image capture

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