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[edit] Goals

Work in respectful multidisciplinary teams including directly with constituents virtually and afk.

Work locally, regionally, internationally, across domains.

Emphasize new efficiency of computers without dehumanizing - augmenting not replacing, emphasizing infotainment culture, diverse healthy lifestyles.

Balance managing projects and being hands on.

Earn a sustainable living that includes occasional travel and time off.

Live in a calm place with good quality of life (transportation, food), access to vibrant culture.

Remain fascinated with and retain access to constant technological development, while being able to develop closer family ties and a healthier lifestyle (more activity, less binging).

Work toward the world I want to see in ten years.

[edit] Strengths and resources

About 25 years working in social and technical computer networking, always leading edge, exploratory yet applied. Achievements in Internet access, government and health sectors.

Technical and aware of limitations, yet take the human side. Ability to describe technical projects in a friendly way. Project development, implementation, cultivating and support.

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