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from http://www.4colorrebellion.com/wii-fit/

alternate situps with pushups

Also, a little bit more advice with Wii Fit, whenever you’re playing any of the balance games, bend your knees.

oing squats and leg exercises everyday.

I made it to level 5 on the “marble rolling” mini-game. At the advice of one of the commenters on my “week 2” post, I did it the game in a squatted position.

As for being tight in the beginning of your workouts, I’d recommend stretching. And to help burn more fat, do some cardio at the end (that jogging game looks pretty sweet).

Some of the Strength Excercises that focus on Legs involve you pushing your hands out forward or upwards and it is a good idea to complement this workout by holding 2x 5kg dumbells

The other is that while it’s good to press your limits you should do it in one sitting, working your muscles groups is best left to ever other day. If you keep working the same group day after day your muscles learn muscle memory and aren’t worked as well. If you do a group ever other day it gives the muscles time to relax and are better ready to be trained.

For the past 2 months I haven’t made any kind of exercise other than eventually walking some blocks and waking up earlier in the morning (and hence being awake for a longer time during the day, increasing the energy I spend); what I did that made a difference was to *cease* any carb ingestion after 3 PM. It’s OK to have some bread during the morning and some pasta or potatoes during lunch, just don’t overdo it. Personally, I’m having a nice fruit and yoghurt plus cereal breakfast almost every morning, and having more salad during lunch — thankfully, I happen to like salad and fruit.

That was it.

In two months time (from Christmas on) I’ve lost 10kg (no kidding!). And I repeat, that was while not doing any out-of-the-ordinary efforts (other than playing No More Heroes), certainly not working out.

Aye, it’s called Wii Fit for something, and not Wii Thin ;)

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