Rogers Android Dream (G1)

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<s>June 2</s>
<s>June 2</s>
[[Rogers Dream handset problems]]
[[Android programming]]
[[Android programming]]

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June 2

Rogers Dream handset problems

Android programming

Neat Android apps

Switching from Fido to Rogers Mobile

Rogers Dream fiasco and Canada reasonable carrier provisions

Android in Canada Sites


[edit] Specs

Weight: 158g G1 teardown

Comparison to the T-Mobile G1

[edit] Questions

Can sketch accurately on screen? - sort of, not as accurate as finger nail/stylus

[edit] Advantages

[edit] Possibilities

With all this potential, it would be really nice if Android and the hrdware were really open. Maybe if 10000 people kicked in $100 each, it could be explored.

[edit] Drawbacks

us Google market has apps that allow call rec. - aRecorder is one - are they not avail on Rogers?

[edit] Accessories

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