20141001/SMWCon Spring 2014

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I forgot to post about this! I'm glad people found it enjoyable and useful.

Dear all, 

Bahar Sateli, local organiser of SMWCon Spring 2014 in Montreal, has 
compiled the results of the post-conference survey. As usual, only some 
of the attendants took he survey, but especially the ideas and comments 
at the back are very interesting (maybe even for the next SMWCon this 
week ;-): 


Another important outcome of the survey: 

Please rate the following items: [Local Organization] 

Answer Count Percentage 
Excellent (A1):  14 77.78% 
Good (A2):        4 22.22% 
Neutral (A3):     0 0.00% 
Fair (A4):        0 0.00% 
Poor (A5):        0 0.00% 
No answer:        0 0.00% 

I have not much to add :-) Thanks to Rene Witte and Concordia for 
hosting us, thanks to Bahar for the excellent organisation, and to David 
Mason for putting together a very interesting program. 




Blikied on September 27, 2014