Baja California Sur, Mexico Peninsula, February 2010

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Biking Cape Loop

The 230 mile Cape Loop takes you through La Paz, Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Buena Vista/Los Barriles, San Bartolo, El Triunfo and San Pedro. Close to La Paz the traffic may be too heavy but you can ride on the parallel dirt road. The longest distance between hotels is 70 miles. Otherwise camping is available. Organized bicycle tour companies originate in Baja, the US and Canada.

I would fly to Cabo San Lucas to start the tour. Southern Baja is much safer with far less traffic. If you have knobby tires, nice low gearing and a sense of adventure, there are plenty of dirt roads along the Sea of Cortez up to La Paz. You can camp anywhere you like on pristine beaches with nobody in sight for miles. Beautiful.

Actually a loop from Cabo to La Paz up the east side and then from La Paz to Cabo down the west side would make a good trip. Todos Santos on the Pacific side is a quaint surf town with a growing expat community.

(dgm) Interesting section from the Moon Cabo book. Happily we already decided on this route ourselves.

"While we understand the attraction of this epic cycling tour, we believe the dangers of riding along the highway have been downplayed for too long. In the early days of the paved road, when traffic was lighter, cycling may have been a safer option, but today, motorists, RVers, and truckers drive at faster speeds and in greater numbers. The problem is the width of the road. When two 18-wheelers approach from opposite directions, they pass with inches of pavement between them. If the driver must choose between colliding with an oncoming truck or pushing a cyclist off the road, the cyclist is inevitably going to lose out. Shoulders and guardrails are non-existent on many of the most dangerous stretches of road.

If your dream is to ride your bike the length of Baja, consider an off-road route a la the Baja 1000. This way, you can enjoy more of the coastal and mountain scenery and avoid putting yourself in danger on the highway.

In Southern Baja, the Camino Rural Costero between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo Pulmo is a fantastic route along the coast, as is the dirt road between Los Barriles and Bahia de los Muertos."

Maps, books and references

Article: Baja California - Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas

Article: crazy guy on a bike

Book: Lonely Planet - Baja California and Los Cabos

Book: Bicycling Baja (Paperback)

Map: excellent baja map

Map: Bikely trails in Baja California

Map and reference: Todos Santos

Mexico government provided maps

Place to stay in San Jose del Cabo: (back up to Delphino Blanco) La Fonda del Mar B&B

Places to stay in Todos Santos: (on the least expensive side)

Flying with a bike

American Airlines 800-433-7300
Mexicana Airlines 800-531-7921

Details for checking a bicycle on American Airlines

Los Cabos Airport shuttle

Pre-trip preparation

To do list

Spare brake pad components
Spare folding tire

Reference: french list of gear to bring on a bike

Trainer: Elite Fluid Alu A-Frame

Bag: Handle Bar

Tools and parts

  • Leatherman Juice S2 (pliers, scissors, slot & philips screwdrivers, etc)
  • General jack knife
  • Tire levers
  • Spare brake pads
  • spare brake pad components
  • Spare spokes
  • Brake cable
  • Duct tape
  • bike toolkit

Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 705 Limited time $50 rebate for Garmin cycle computers/GPS

    • Sent March 14, 2010.

Map tool: Garmin specific GPS maps for Baja($20)

Second lock


Front Rack: AC Lowrider front rack

Back Rack: Sherpa rear rack






Bike boxing



  • First aid kit
  • Verify medical insurance

Course: Level 1 mechanic - 2 days


Wind conditions:

Things to do

Day by day


Full scale map with milestones


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{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=23° 3' 35.41" N, 109° 42' 9.05" W |Arrival=Feb 11, 2010 |Departure=Feb 12, 2010 }}

San Jose del Cabo Feb 11 - Feb 12

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RESERVATION COMPLETE: Casita: El Delphino Bianco

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=23° 26' 43.31" N, 109° 25' 26.48" W |Arrival=Feb 12, 2010 |Departure=Feb 13, 2010 }}

Cabo Pulmo Feb 12 - Feb 13

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RESERVATION COMPLETE: Village Casita: Cabo Pulmo 2 bdrooms.

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=Punta Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=23° 47' 55.09" N, 109° 41' 58.95" W |Arrival=Feb 13, 2010 |Departure=Feb 14, 2010 }}

Punta Pescadero Feb 13 - Feb 14

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RESERVATION COMPLETE: Hotel: Hotel Punta Pescadero

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=24° 2' 40.16" N, 109° 59' 17.10" W |Arrival=Feb 14, 2010 |Departure=Feb 15, 2010 }}

La Ventana Feb 14 - Feb 15

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RESERVATION in progress... Camping and one room: Kurt and Marina

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=24° 9' 43.18" N, 110° 18' 57.07" W |Arrival=Feb 15, 2010 |Departure=Feb 17, 2010 }}

La Paz Feb 15 - Feb 17

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Restaurant: Papas rellenas, La Paz, México

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=23° 27' 0.24" N, 110° 13' 31.35" W |Arrival=Feb 18, 2010 |Departure=Feb 19, 2010 }}

Todos Santos Feb 18 - Feb 19

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Hotel: Hotel California

Casita: Los Colibris


Local News & Guide

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=Pozo de Cota, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=23° 0' 54.63" N, 110° 5' 16.44" W |Arrival=Feb 19, 2010 |Departure=Feb 20, 2010 }}

Pozo de Cota Feb 19 - Feb 20

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Camping on the beach ?

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=22° 53' 38.00" N, 109° 55' 12.22" W |Arrival=Feb 20, 2010 |Departure=Feb 21, 2010 }}

Cabo San Lucas Feb 20 - Feb 21

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Inn: Cabo San Lucas Inn

{{#set_internal:Is route point |Place=San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico |GPS=23° 3' 35.41" N, 109° 42' 9.05" W |Arrival=Feb 21, 2010 |Departure=feb 22, 2010 }}

San Jose del Cabo Feb 21 - feb 22

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RESERVATION COMPLETE: Casita: El Delphino Bianco

List of items to bring


Mobile devices

GSM carriers in Baja California

Pegaso PCS, S.A. de C.V. (movistar) - Coverage Map

Radiomovil Dipsa SA de CV (TELCEL) (TELCEL GSM) - Coverage Map

Both seem to support roaming with Rogers/Fido, neither seems to cover the southeast tip.


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