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Just trying to form some thoughts.


How easy it is to forget the confederation principles Canada was founded upon.

Other than perhaps the last 30-35 years, all those out west need to consider which way the money was originally flowing?

Before the oil crisis of the 1970's, who originally built and paid for the west? Who paid for your ports, your trains, your roads, your schools and all your infrastructure? - In fact, who built the original transcanada pipeline to Central Canada?

For all those out west, bashing the transfer payments they pay out what happens when Ontario starts buying their natural gas from Pennsylvania?

What happens when Quebec starts producing gas from their recently discovered shale desposits?

How about when Newfoundland and Nova Scotia ramp up their oil production and their local jobs are in demand for skilled workers, where will you get your workers from?

Alberta already did an about face on royalties and scared away business, what happens when your dedicated customers (Central and Eastern Canada) finally start going elsewhere?

Or think longer term? What happens when technology changes and oil and gas get stiff competition from other energy sources, or there is peace in the middle east, and Iraqi oil fields come onstream and/or when and if oil drops down to $20 a barrel again?

Which way will the money be flowing then?

On the topic of all those soft-separatists whether in Quebec or Alberta, who keep claiming how they get ruled by outsiders thousands of miles away, to you I say go ahead and separate.

Lets see how land-locked Alberta exports their oil and gas without providing royalty revenues to Canada or the US.

With the comments like this from the general voting public its no wonder our politicians have such a short-term narrow minded approach to solving our issues. We're asking for it.

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Quebec's population is 7,560,592. Quebec has a GDP just over $300B and paid over $30B in various taxes to Ottawa. Quebec receives 60% of federal transfer payments.

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In2007, Québec sent 46 billion to Ottawaand received just 43. Perequation is a joke. Yes we receive 60% of it, but we get just 15% of Defense, 11% of Agriculture, 11% of Fisheries, 9% of Indians.


Let's have a period of amnesty for all but the worst crimes. Lots of people will act like a criminal when it's considered normal, fine, can't really blame them. But if first public systems don't start moving very intentionally towards complete transparency and access - with all the puzzle pieces adding up and an eight or 80 year old seeing the same data as a civic worker - then we might as well stop pretending we're working to get out of a corrupt system towards one that is much more efficient and inclusive.

I mean "our children" BS — in other words, that boondoggle target a 30 year old or 70 year old can utter. Simple, concrete steps today are all that's needed. Weed out corruption for a massive gain in resources and to stop sucker punching earnest people till they give up. Figure out what the spheres are, using public systems around the world, what will be served best by being public — with the contributions of retired persons with incredible knowledge and capacity, hobbyists, young people or people switching focus, capable and interested workers, anyone looking for meaningful activity or even a reason to be active, all organized openly by interested and caring people with a forgiving attitude.

Today so many people are burned out, able to focus only on the smallest possible accomplishments. The goal should be a transformation — of efficiency and diversity, healthcare, safety, employment and social care and involvement, adding meaning to everyday activities. If we're being bombarded by messages that we can't support our infrastructure, take care of people, and do great new things, there's an answer — in latent capacity, getting people involved without compromise.

Realms and examples


From G&M article on tax filing


I always believe the Canadian Income Tax Return System is taxes on the uneducated and the ignorant. If you are completely unaware of the tax credits/tax saving strategies, you end up paying more than you should. A fair tax system should be something where an average Canadian can fill out the income tax return do without going to an accountant/tax specialist.

Total Serenity:

We shouldn't have income taxes at all. I did the math during budget time and I think it worked out that if you increased the GST to 16 % you could eliminate all income taxes in Canada. That would save us millions of hours of compliance work every year and since businesses already collect the GST it wouldn't add an extra burden to them.
Too much money is wasted on pointless compliance in this country


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