Predictions for Apple's announcement

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Working with Amazon and other providers, a new standard for ebooks and subscriptions that works on any device, focusing on low cost, ease of transfer to friends.

Apple will make a significant contribution toward development of free educational material for this standard using their excess cash.

New iPhone 4.0 based 100% on browser standards, runs Python and Java, multitasks, designed for local area bandwidth and media resharing, chat with any local people across devices.

New super low cost iPhone Equalizer designed as a do it all very portable computer, slightly less shiny than iPhone, 100% open source OS, domain set up for user self support, notification LED for at a glance status, hardware buttons for consistent app navigation and context.

New super high cost version of iPhone runs previous iPhone OS 3.0, super shiny, has a built in function to block other people's net connection, special one use only "block this app for everyone else" mode, dual display (secondary display only shows classic Apple announcement footage).

New "iTablet" will be 8.5" x 11", shiny, allow reading of "books" and other passive entertainment, but awkward to type on. Will be designed around USB and Bluetooth as the centre of a rich, low cost standards based universe positioned in between Apple's iPhone, iPod, iGame, iBathroomPartner, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Behemoth, MacTV, MacTVStation, MacStereo, MacTubeStereo, iMac, iMac Pro, iMac Pro Radiant Heating, Mac, Mac Pro, and Mac CityBlock systems.

Using their leverage with carriers, Apple will allow consumers to easily buy and resell devices at fair market value, without contracts.

Using their influence with media, a daily front page or first-line Apple feature will become mandatory for all outlets, citizens.

Working with governments, tax credits will be worked out for wealthy Apple product purchasers, counselling for others.


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