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Androids are compromised with carrier and operating system locks. You can't travel and just swap the SIM card, remove unwanted carrier software, access functions the carrier removed (like tethering via Wifi hotspot), or install updated/custom software (do any devices have commitments to the imminent Android 3.0?). The Nexus One is the best "open source Android" — you have to void the warranty, but root and custom OS installation is just a click away without playing cat and mouse "jailbreaking" games. But the N1 doesn't have a keyboard, a feature many professional and technical people want.

HTC's new G2/Z has a keyboard, and runs stock Android, so it's a good choice as an "open source Android" (though a handset with slightly larger battery and numeric row on the keyboard would be nice). Perhaps Google will release it as the "N2;" if not, the next best thing could be a group purchase of a particular handset from an unlocked provider (maybe in Canada).

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Oct 20, 2010: Received word from PureMobile, they can do group buys with a minimum of ten people, and will get back as soon as they have more info with further details.

Rogers has also extended their hardware update to 30 months, from 24 to 30, meaning you're stuck with a compromised device longer. Imagine being able to arrange access on your own unsubsidized terms, or with the freedom of no contracts?

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